Performances 2021 - click event titles for tickets and details

August 13: Acorn Theater 'Tribute to Carol King'

Three Oaks, MI (SOLD OUT)

July 24 @ 10am: Ruthmere Museum
"Coffee on the Piazza" Elkhart, IN

July 10: Acorn Anywhere 'Tribute to Carol King'
Ferwood Botanical Garden, Buchanan, MI  (SOLD OUT)

June 2: Natalie with Lady Stardust 'Harbor Country Pride Event'
Lakeside Inn, Lakeside, MI  (SOLD OUT)

Past Performances


September: Interview "The Business Savvy Singer Podcast"

July/August: Live-Stream @ Paul Henry's Virtual Acoustic Jam

June 19: Live-Stream @ South Suburban Music Live!
May 30: Live-Stream @ CheshmeTV in Tokyo, Japan

Feb 28: Tinkers Attic with Lady Stardust, Highland, IN

Feb 12: Bottoms Up, Event Host w/ Jack Whittle, Lansing, IL

Jan 23: Phyllis' Musical Inn with Lady Stardust, Chicago, IL

Jan 16: Miller Beach Arts with Lady Stardust, Gary, IN

Dec 14: Bottoms Up with Lady Stardust and Bailers, Lansing, IL

Dec  7: Rock for Tots at the Store with Lady Stardust, Chicago, IL 

Nov 2: Buddy & Pals w/ Lady Stardust, Schererville, IN

Sep 21: 12 Step House: Fundraiser, Gary, IN

Sep 18: Bottoms Up, Event Host w/ Jack Whittle, Lansing, IL

Sep 7: John's on Sheffield: with the Bailers, Dyer, IN

Aug 30: Acorn Theater with Lady Stardust, Three Oaks, MI

Apr 7: Henry Public: with Milkman & Sons, Brooklyn, NY


Nov 16: Front Porch Music: with Steve Dawson, Valparaiso, IN

Nov 21: Porters: with The357s, Hammond, IN

Oct 19: Artisan Collective Concert: Gulfport, FL 

Oct 13:  MCC Illiana: Annual Gala: Portage, IN  

Sep 13: Front Porch Music: Valparaiso, IN

Aug 19: Tinkers Attic: Womens Music Fest, Highland, IN

Jul 21: TrailMix Festival: Homewood, IL

Jun 22: Bottoms Up: with The Bailers, Lansing, IL

Jun 8: Fitzgeralds: I'm One Too Record Release, Berwyn, IL

May 26 : Unsanctioned Memorial Day Fest: Buchanan, MI

May 13: Little Village: Panama City, FL

May 11: Bowery Station: CHICKFEST 2018 Apilachicola, FL

May 3: WVLP John King Radio Live 'Livin' it Up', Valparaiso, IN

Mar 18: Tinkers Attic: Hammond, IN

Feb 3: Chicory Cafe: with Jen Cimbala, South Bend, IN

Jan 26: Redbird Cafe: hosting MBOM, Homewood, IL 

Jan 14: Roberts Hall Americana Cafe Sundays: Lynn Haven, FL
Jan 12: Bowery Station: Apalachicola, FL


Dec 13: Lina's Cafe: Forte-de-France, Martinique 

Nov 19: Union Coffeehouse: Buchanan, MI

Nov 10: Redbird Cafe: Homewood, IL 

Oct 17: Aquatorium: Miller Beach Garden Event, Miller Beach, IN

Sep 30: 5th Street Club: Annual Event, Hammond, IN

Aug 11: Acorn Theater: with Jennifer Knapp, Three Oaks, MI

Jul 30: Front Porch: Music Fest, Valparaiso, IN

Jul 14: Tinkers Attic: Highland, IN

Jun 24: One Trick Pony Brewery: Lansing, IL

Jun 3: Front Porch Music: Valparaiso, IN 

May 27: Un-Sanctioned Fest: Buchanan, MI 
Apr 22: White Ripple Gallery: Hammond, IN
Apr 15: Ignition Music: Goshen, IN   

Mar 27: BlueBird Cafe: Open Mic Spot Nashville, TN

Mar 10: The Mutiny: (with the 357s), Chicago, IL

Jan 24: Songs for Eli Fundraiser: Gulfport, FL

Jan 23: Historic Peninsula Inn: Gulfport, FL

Jan 22: MangiaGourmet: Gulfport, FL

Jan 17: ZenGarden/LotusCafe: Panama City Beach, FL


Dec 31; Tinkers  Attic: Hammond, IN

Dec 13; The Cavalier: Hammond, IN 

Dec 3; The Red Line Tap: Toys for Tots Event, Chicago, IL

Nov 19; WLIP Radio: Interview ~ Guaranteed Raw, Kenosha, WI

Oct 29; Big Franks: Halloween , East Chicago, IN

Oct 13;  John King Radio Show: Interview ~ Livin' it Up, Valpo Radio LIVE
Sept 17; Porter's Tap: The357s Record Release

Sept 10; Ravenswood ArtWalk Festival: Chicago, IL

Aug 26; Camp-It Resort Women's Week: Saugatuck, MI

Aug 25; WVLP FM 98.3 Radio: Valparaiso, IN

Aug 20; OTIS Annual Music Fest: Westville, IN

Aug 6; Fearless Festival: Miller Beach, IN

Jul 16: The Catbird Cafe: Weymouth, MA

Jul 9; Acadia National Park: Schoodic Woods, ME

Jun 11; Uncommon Grounds/Devon: Chicago, IL

Jun 7: Paul Henrys Art Gallery: w/ Julian Dawson, Hammond, IN

Jun 4/5, GoGirl Saugatuck Festival: Fennville, MI

Jun 1, HOUSE OF BLUES, CHICAGO: Women Rock Event; Chicago, IL

May 15: Miller Farmers Market: Miller Beach, Gary, IN

May 8: Union Coffeehouse: Buchanan, MI

May 8: Cover to Cover: Radio Interview, Chicago, IL

Apr 18: BlueBird Cafe Open Mic Spot: Nashville, TN

Apr 15: Memorial Opera House: Valparaiso, IN

Apr 10: Chart House Cafe: Griffith, IN

Mar 12: Front Porch Music:  Valparaiso, IN

Mar 11: Angel Hair Cafe: Griffith, IN

Feb 14: The WIT Theater: Chicago, IL

Jan 17: Vintage Kitchen: Miller Beach, IN